What to Wear for BNLOVe

For baby, as above, please dress in a button or zipper sleeper with nothing underneath. Make sure the diaper is slightly loose to help reduce lines or redness on baby’s sensitive skin. Unless there is an outfit you really want the baby photographed in, you don’t need to bring any other clothes. Baby will be naked, in a diaper, or in wraps for the shoot.

For parents, I suggest a few wardrobe suggestions.

  • You want the focus to be on baby; so solid, neutral tones work best. White, cream, tan, brown, blue, black, gray are all great. Avoid patterns, logos and pictures. Avoid solid red or green, as this creates a colorcast.
  • Try to wear similar toned tops. They don’t need to match but avoid one wearing dark (black) and one wearing light (white). Blue and grey work or Cream and tan or both black, etc…
  • If you are interested in shirtless dad and baby portraits, shirtless (or in a strapless bra) mom and baby portraits, or nursing images, I am more than willing to capture those for you. Just let me know you would like that! For mom, please then bring a natural strapless bra or top, or we can even use a wrap and clip it in the back.
  • I often get shots of baby in mom and dad’s hands, so make sure hands are lotioned and nails trimmed.


Booking your newborn session

*If you are looking to book a newborn session please contact me before your birth. All newborn sessions are best before the baby turns 14 days old and ideal 5-10 days old. Any sessions after 14 days can be consider newborn, but the baby might not go into all the positions. I look forward to hearing from you.

*All sessions are non-refundable. Please contact me with any questions you might have!