Roosevelt Row Downtown Arizona Art District | D&N Session

My love for murals is a slight obsession!!!

The rich color and the creativity that an artist paints on a blank wall always impresses me.

Most likely because my stick fingers are worse than my 2 1/2 daughter drawings.

I get so excited when clients want to incorporate urban, architecture, and murals.

D&N are a dream couple!!!

Their laughter was contiguous, I think I got an ab workout during their session.

Every time I even started to say something they instinctively new before I could even finish my sentence.

Love love love that they went down alley’s and streets, to check out another hidden mural.

I can’t wait to photograph their wedding!

Cheers to a fun year of planning and many more laughter.


Loving this dress and the pretty shoes!!!

So gorgeous Lalo Cato one of my favorite Murals in ArizonaThe sequence of laughter is the best!!!!!Every story has a sequel.

Stay tuned for D&N’s next chapter in their life.
Arizona Wedding Photography

Mesa, Arizona