Philadephia PA | The Navy Yard | T&V


Tracy and Vincent ROCKED their engagement session!

Not only was the place incredible to photograph, I didn’t have to pose them. I told Vincent one thing and he just went for it! I mean naturally these two have the most incredible chemistry.

I’ve known Tracy for over 10 years, I met her when she was in high school. She lights up a room! She is super creative and thoughtful. I love her family! I love her family, she is surrounded by strong women who will inspire you to never give up.

This was my first time meeting Vincent! Where do I start………

Vinny sees the glass half full! He is excited about everything and goes all in when you ask him to do something. I couldn’t help, but laugh how excited he was for photos especially in front of the navy ship. This was a dream job partly because Vinny was super fun the whole time! He wanted everything to be perfect for Tracy. My heart explodes with happiness that they will share many adventures together.

Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!!!!


About that wall……….It was well worth Jaye having to go to the bathroom and us sneaking into a building that was closed for the day! I don’t know how many times I told Vinny “don’t open it”

I was so nervous he was trigger happy!!!!!


Seriously gorgeous!!!!Thank you,

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The Navy Yard, Philadelphi,a PA