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Recently I posted a contest on my business facebook page.

“Win a free lifestyle session”

No posing, raw, unedited, real life moments when the camera isn’t on.

Lindsey was one of my winners.

I arrived at 8am and her little ones were already on their daily adventures.

I love they chose to have me document them in their new home. Literally just moved in and boxes every where!!!

The house is still brand new to them.

A cute little toddler size doll house they haven’t explored, chickens left behind from previous owners,  a tire swing that will bring many years of laughter.

I had the honor to capture their first few memories in their new home.

Thank you for inviting me in your home and letting me follow your inquisitive little one.


Open. close, open, closeSomeone loves dogs already What do you mean its not my birthday!!

Everyday should be your birthday!!!Yummmm………Do you want some………….Thank you,

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