Desert Botanical Garden’s | Arizona | Jenny & Jason

Desert Botanical Gardens was the perfect location for Jason and Jenny’s engagement session.

These two Ohio natives have ventured out to the desert for an amazing experience.

I’m so excited to share some photos from their engagement session. Jason and Jenny were a joy to work with and I cannot wait for their wedding!

Even though Jason is traveling for work a ton you can still tell they have a very close, fun, and caring relationship. They know they can depend and trust each other with anything and I love how much they laugh together.

Enjoy their engagement session below!

Arizona is lucky to have you two <3


Jenny’s smile is absolutely contagious! Dad, all that money was spent wisely on her braces!!!! 

Love A Cactus

Not everyone likes a cactus,

A plant least attractive

Dull, prickly and plain-

All they seem to give you is pain.

But there’s more than meets the eye.

So don’t believe those lies,

Of how a cactus only pricks,

Or how it’s only full of tricks.

A cactus is tough and independent:

Adaptable and tolerant.

Admittedly a little prickly.

But inside, its all love strictly.

Now won’t you take a cactus home?

Don’t leave it alone by the side to roam.

Everyone should be loved for who they are,

So a cactus is no exception and thats true by far!

~Tasha Lim

The Botanic Garden’s is magical to photograph!!!

I love all the different types of cacti’s there! A plants beauty that is often over looked………..

Flowers are starting to bloom in the desert!!!Congratulations!

Arizona Wedding Photographer